Accessible Therapy: Where To Find It And How To Get It

Financial, physical, and geographical limitations have long played a factor in who can receive therapy. This has caused a great disadvantage for many people who need help but don’t have the resources available to them at arm’s reach.

Thanks to innovations across the mental health realm and technology constantly evolving, accessible therapy is now available online. There are many advantages to choosing therapy online, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic taking place. 

You’re probably wondering if accessible therapy online is similar to receiving in-person therapy. You will still get all the benefits of in-person therapy, but without the need to find transportation, make the commute, or leave home. Not only is virtual therapy more convenient time and location-wise, but it may be a more affordable option over in-person therapy.

Let’s learn more about what accessible therapy is all about, where you can access it, and how you simply get started with therapy online today.

What Is Accessible Therapy?

Mental health care has been limited in availability for people who need it the most. There can be many reasons why people need therapy, so why shouldn’t there be plenty of affordable, accessible options to choose from?

The cost of therapy is rarely covered by insurance, which makes finding an in-network provider even more complicated. Large price tags can come with the therapy sessions that aren’t covered by everyday insurance. 

This is where online therapy comes into play because it is typically less expensive than in-person therapy and can help close the gap for people that haven’t had accessible therapy options available to them before. 

People who have just gone through a traumatic event or have been struggling with their overall mental health may be limited on time spent to travel to a therapist’s office. 

The main goal of accessible therapy is to eliminate any obstacles that have to do with cost and coverage and in-person accessibility. 

With the pandemic in 2020, we learned that so many of our everyday tasks can be done at home instead of in an office or professional setting. The effectiveness of therapy online has proven to be the same, so it is time to use it to your advantage. The next step is just finding the therapist that is right for you to get started.

Where Can I Find Accessible Therapy?

Online therapy can be found through companies like Mood, where you can receive full psychiatric treatment as well as talk therapy all from your smartphone or laptop. We have a full-time staff just like any in-person practice, and each of our therapists and psychiatrists is fully licensed and certified. 

Talk therapy sessions are just $89 a session, which is much less than you would pay out of pocket elsewhere. Plus, your first session is only $39, making it affordable for you from the beginning. 

With simple therapist matching and a go-at-your-own-pace structure, your sessions may help you through your mental health struggles. You have the option to schedule sessions as you wish, up to once per week. All therapy sessions are held on a secure video calling platform and function much like Zoom and facetime.

If you also need psychiatric help, it is $45 for your first month and $95 per month after that. For that price, you will get monthly psychiatric check-ins, prescriptions without any markups, and free medication delivery straight to your door. 

Mood Health has made it easy for you to get the help you need, all from the comfort of your home. 

How To Get Started

If accessible therapy through an online platform sounds like it could be a good fit for you, then now is a good time to consider getting started. All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire to get matched with a therapist quickly and seamlessly. Once you are matched with a therapist, you can schedule your first appointment.

What To Expect

In therapy, methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or other proven techniques may be used. These specialized practices are tried and true methods of retraining your thinking to create an overall better headspace. This will be done in your regular talk therapy sessions, and you may also be given “homework” to help integrate what you are learning into the real world.

Your first session will primarily be gathering information to help your therapist determine the best course of action in treating you. It is best not to expect any breakthroughs or big changes after just your first session. 

Once your therapist has enough background information and understands your needs, they will work with you to develop a treatment plan. This plan could include just talk therapy or talk therapy in conjunction with psychiatric monitoring and medications. You do have a say in your mental healthcare, and do not hesitate to ask questions along the way about your treatment plan. If something is not working for you, you should always feel comfortable telling your mental healthcare provider that you have concerns. No plan is set in stone, so adjustments can always be made to better fit your situation.

Sessions last around 50 minutes, and you can make your online therapy appointment from anywhere with an internet connection that also provides privacy. You can close your office door at work, find a quiet spot at home, or anywhere else you can think of. It has truly never been easier.

Being Honest

It is important to be as open and honest as possible with your therapist in your sessions so they can truly help you to the best of their abilities. Everything that you and your therapist discuss is completely confidential. Being vulnerable with your therapist comes with time. We encourage you to try and fully answer your therapist’s questions the best you can. This will make each therapy session even more successful, as it helps you work towards your mental health goals in due time.

While getting started may seem like a lot, you just have to remember to go into therapy with an open mind and take it day by day. 

If you are struggling with your mental health or are under a lot of stress and need help coping, the best thing to do is take the first step. With mental healthcare being more accessible than ever, it can be a minimal inconvenience to your day to schedule a virtual appointment. 

Take the assessment today to get matched with a therapist and begin your journey to mental wellness with Mood’s team of expert clinicians!