Affordable Therapy: Does It Exist?

Have you been feeling like yourself lately? Perhaps you’ve noticed more anxious thoughts as you lie down to go to sleep each night. You might feel overwhelmed by your to-do lists, among other small tasks you have lined up for the day. If you’ve been struggling with anxious thoughts, the idea of visiting a therapist might have crossed your mind. 

When you need help, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of seeking a health care provider. As you search for relief, you might wonder if any mental health care options can actually work with your budget. Mental health care services should be just as accessible and affordable as general health care. That’s where Mood Health steps in.

We want to support you in finding the care you need at the price that works for you. Let’s walk through some of the expected costs of traditional therapy and psychiatry. Then we’ll go over your options and learn how Mood Health can help you access affordable mental health care in a seamless and stress-free process. 

What Are the Typical Costs of Traditional Therapy?

If you’ve already been searching for a therapist near you, you might be familiar with the process. Much of your search time consists of browsing pages of results for therapists and scoping out their “about” sections to see if they’d be a good fit for you.

Have you ever found a provider you were excited about, only to realize they don’t accept your insurance? Perhaps you finally found a therapist online who seemed qualified to treat your needs, yet their per session costs were higher than you could afford. 

The costs of traditional in-person therapy can vary depending on where you live and your provider’s experience. You may have noticed that therapists may charge up to $150-200 per session to treat clients. The total cost can add up faster than you may think. Let’s look at the entire cost based on what your time in therapy may look like.


Within traditional therapy, you’ll meet with a provider for an initial session. They’ll get to know you and develop a treatment plan to fit your mental health needs. Your therapist may recommend that they see you once per week for six to ten weeks for your treatment. In this time frame, your therapist will get to know you so they can understand how they may help you in your mental health journey. 

On this kind of schedule, you’d need to prepare for a hefty bill. Monthly, you would be paying up to $600. The overall cost could be close to $1500. If your insurance doesn’t cover mental health visits, you may find it challenging to make that number work. 

We think therapy should be much more accessible to you. Let’s look at your options for traditional treatment and how Mood Health offers high-quality mental health care for manageable, low rates.  

You Have Options for Affordable Treatment

We know needing mental health care puts you in a vulnerable spot. Once you realize you need help, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right provider within a budget that suits you. 

Mood Health has a few options that come out on top over traditional in-person therapist visits. Why spend hundreds while you can access affordable mental health care from your home? 

Here are some affordable options you can consider:

Consider a Low-Income Community Health Clinic

We know that for some, budgeting for mental health care seems like a luxury. Thankfully, you don’t always have to pay a clinician’s high rate to receive care. Many community health clinics offer resources to help you access low-cost care and manage your symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Know That Some Therapists Have a Sliding Scale

Therapists know that not every person can afford their standard rate. They also recognize that charging a flat rate for therapeutic services is not entirely fair since it alienates those who can’t pay that rate. Because of this, many therapists use a sliding scale to price their sessions. If there’s a therapist you’ve been interested in seeing, you can contact them to ask about their sliding scale rate to see if that might be more affordable.

Some Try Mental Health Apps

Technology has brought us many new ways to make our lives easier. We can video chat with loved ones who are far away. We can place an order on our phones to have food delivered within the hour. Some also use their phones to download mental health apps. While these may help supplement mental health care, it’s still a good idea to find an affordable therapist if possible. 

What Are the Typical Costs of Psychiatric Care?

Some people’s needs extend beyond talk therapy. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you may be interested in psychiatric care to help manage your symptoms with medication. Getting a prescription to help manage your anxiety and depression starts with talking to a psychiatric clinician to assess your needs and write a script for the right medication.

Unfortunately, traditional psychiatrist visits can cost up to $200/hour per visit, making it an extremely costly endeavor. When you’re looking for affordable mental health care, those prices won’t work. Let’s look at how you can find affordable psychiatric providers who can help you meet your mental health needs. 

Mood Health’s Services Are the Better Option

We know seeking mental health care isn’t easy for everyone. If you’re uninsured or your insurance doesn’t cover mental health visits, you may be left on your own to save funds for your therapy and psychiatry appointments. 

Getting the right care shouldn’t be difficult. At Mood Health, we wanted to make a better way for you to access appointments with licensed mental health providers. Let’s look at the reasons Mood Health makes mental health care enjoyable and easy to access. 

1. You Can Access Qualified Virtual Care

As we mentioned earlier, the digital age is full of new solutions for common challenges. At Mood Health, we know technology is a game-changer. You can meet with care providers from your home as long as you have a WiFi connection. It’s our way of making the mental health care process more convenient for you.

2. Scheduling and Maintaining Appointments is Stress-Free

With some therapists, you may have to book appointments weeks in advance to see them. How does that help you right now while you need care? We think the best time to start care is today. With Mood Health, you can schedule your appointment today and meet your therapist or psychiatric clinician in several days. You can view and manage your appointments online, so it’s even easier to never miss a session.

3. You Can Meet with a Therapist and Manage Medication at Mood 

What kind of mental health care are you looking for? Perhaps you’ve been learning more about talk therapy, and that’s been interesting to you. You enjoy how they use different theories and techniques to benefit their client’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral well-being. 

Or maybe you’ve been considering medication as a way to supplement your mental health challenges. Meeting with a psychiatric provider to assess your needs is the first step to finding the right prescription for you.

At Mood Health, you can access talk therapy and psychiatric care. We have clinicians who are skilled in both fields, meaning you can try one or both of these mental health care solutions.

4. No Hidden Fees – Only Affordable Care

When you’re looking for affordable care, you deserve transparent pricing for mental health services. At Mood Health, we’re committed to offering you the best care at rates you can afford. That’s why we reduce costs in your first month on each of our plans. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay with Mood Health:

Talk Therapy: Our talk therapy plan starts at $39 for your first month. From then on, you’ll pay just $89 per month, which is still less expensive than one session at a typical therapist’s office. Your talk therapy sessions will include virtual visits with a qualified professional therapist who’s passionate about your mental health.

Psychiatry: Typical psychiatric care appointments can cost $200+ for a single session. When you choose Mood Health’s psychiatry plan, you’re getting access to quality mental health care at a fraction of the typical cost. At just $45 for your first month, you’ll be able to meet with a psychiatric provider who can hear what you’re going through and may prescribe medication that can help.

Getting Your Mental Health Back on Track

You deserve affordable mental health care. Rather than saving up for months and waiting for availability, you can try another way. At Mood Health, we want you to feel supported as you seek the care that can make a difference in your mental health. We hope our low rates make it possible for you to experience high-quality mental health care without worrying about the price tag.



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