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Stephanie L.
Stephanie L.Verified Mood Member
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My Psy-NP took all of the allotted time to really dig in, show care, and make a plan to get to the root of the problem, and therefore resolution. No band aids for bullet wounds here.

Samantha H.
Samantha H.Verified Mood Member
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This has been the best experience with a mental health professional I have ever had. They have been so incredibly helpful and attentive and have finally made me feel seen and taken care of.

BritVerified Mood Member
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My provider Abby has had a more helpful and positive impact on my mental health than all others I've spoken to before. She has helped me navigate the complex world of being your own mental health advocate.

Miranda R.
Miranda R.Verified Mood Member
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From the first meeting, I felt like Nneka actually listened to my concerns and truly cared about my wellbeing. I have been seeing her for several months now and don't think I could ever find a better psychiatrist.

AnonymousVerified Mood Member
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I was nervous about talking on zoom - but it wound up being so easy and natural! I'm continuing to do a monthly checkup with a doctor who is thoughtful, caring, and empathetic. Huge A+ in my book.

AKMVerified Mood Member
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Nneka is such a good listener, well informed, and when I was charged $200 by my local pharmacy, Mood got me the medication for $20.

BriVerified Mood Member
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Much easier than waiting several months to get into a doctors office. I love my doctor, she really listens to me and I never feel rushed. Totally worth every penny.


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