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Mental health by real humans. For real humans.

Therapy, psychiatry, and medication for depression and anxiety. Prescribed responsibly. Provided affordably.

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Finding mental health care is hard.

We know finding mental health care can be hard. Vetting psychiatrists and therapists, filling prescriptions and keeping current with ongoing appointments.

Mood makes it easy. Our team of doctors, NPs, therapists (and more!) offer all your mental health care, all in one place.

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Therapy at your pace.

Mood offers talk therapy with real licensed therapists, all from the comfort of your home.

Don't let the commute keep you from starting a relationship with a therapist. We provide remote 50-minute appointments on your schedule.

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Medication at your door.

Medication isn't right for everyone. But for some with anxiety and depression, the impact can be profound.

Our no-pressure clinicians can work with you to figure out whether antidepressants or a non-pharma alternative might work for you.

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What to expect.

Mood makes your mental health simple. We'll walk you through the process of getting started with Mood, and match you with the right clinicians to provide ongoing support.

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Meet with your clinician

Take a short quiz to help us determine the primary psychiatric provider or therapist who will help guide your care.


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Design your plan

Work with your licensed provider to review your goals and help you design your plan — consisting of medication, talk therapy, or both.


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Refine your plan

Continuing psychiatry and therapy video visits and daily mood tracking tools help refine and perfect the program for you.


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Get ongoing care

Check-ins, monthly medication delivery, and ongoing therapy provide peace of mind that your mental health is under control.


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100% human online care

Mood functions like a practice, selecting only the highest quality humans for our clinical team to ensure you are working with amazing doctors, nurses, and therapists that care about you.

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Real, licensed doctors, therapists, and NPs

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All Mood-certified for exceptional care

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Daily checks to learn your mood

With your Mood subscription, you can track your mood daily, and share those feelings with your clinical team during visits (if you choose). This can help guide your care and help you identify trends.

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Track your mood daily

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Share it with your clinicians

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Mood helped me be me again.

The doctors are truly patient, and with online scheduling and appointments, it's convenient, too.

‐ Jill, April 2020

Mood is a lifesaver without insurance.

The practitioner I talked to really cares about my input and how to get me feeling better.

‐ Christina, April 2020

Totally worth every penny.

I love my doctor, she really listens to me and I don’t feel rushed. Scripts sent right to my door in less than a week.

‐ Bri, April 2020

Only pay for what you need

Talk Therapy

$39 instead of $89

for your first visit

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Psychiatry & Medication

for your first month

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