We care because we've been there.

Our team knows what it’s like to struggle with depression and anxiety. We’ve been demoralized by long waiting lists, cold clinical relationships, endless pill pushing, and high prices. We built Mood to be a better experience for anyone seeking help with mental health.

Real Human Care

No bots, robo-texts, or algorithms. Our experts listen without judgment, take time to get to know you as a person, and create your plan collaboratively.

Dedicated to you

Mood’s clinicians are full employees, not contractors. We don’t have quotas, and we don’t incentivize prescribing medication or shortening appointments. That means we can focus 100% on what’s best for you.

Here for the journey

We create personal long-term plans for every Mood member. We’ll create your program collaboratively and respectfully. And if you’re not meeting your goals, we’ll continue to try new things until you find something that works

“No matter your background, or where you’re coming from, you can find a provider that can relate to you, and you can start that collaborative relationship and let your guard down.”

Dr. Jon,
Mood Psychiatric NP

What to expect when 
you’re gettin’ Moody

You tell us where you want to go, we’ll help you get there.

Tell us
Take a quick quiz to help us identify
clinicians who fit your needs

Meet up
Have a video call with your dedicated
clinician to begin creating your care plan.

Start Care
Begin your treatment, get prescriptions
delivered, plan follow-up visits.

Track Progress

Stay on top of your mood with your provider and adjust your
plan accordingly.

Mood was exactly what I needed! The people at Mood genuinely care about your health and wellbeing.
This has been the best experience with a mental health professional I have ever had.
- Samantha
Abby has had a more helpful and positive impact on my mental health than all others I've spoken to before.

What makes Mood different?

We’re experts on mental health. You’re the expert on you. See if Mood is the right fit.

Ready to rock?

Simply choose the care you need and leave the rest to us. Still not sure what you need? We can match you with a mental health professional who can walk you through your options.

If you are – or think you may be – experiencing anxiety and depression and are ready to start feeling better, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that we can help get you to where you want to be.

In a few cases we may be legally or ethically unable to help, however we’ll still do everything we can to make sure you’re not left hanging.

As part of our mission to make mental health care accessible, affordability without sacrificing quality is a top priority for us. 

Psychiatry Subscription:
$95/session, billed at the time of your appointment. Your treatment plan includes:

Assessment and Diagnosis
Treatment planning
Mark-up-Free Medication Delivery
Care Monitoring
Treatment Adjustments
Ongoing check-in

Unlike medication, which is most often monthly, some of our members see their therapist twice a week, others just once a month. You can discuss and design the pace of your visits with your provider.

Talk therapy sessions:

We recommend starting talk therapy sessions on a weekly basis for $95/session.

With talk therapy, you’ll receive:

One-on one-support from home (via video) with a licensed therapist of your choosing

Empirically proven techniques including CBT, psychotherapy, and mindfulness, to address anxiety and depression

Support with other issues including but not limited to: self-esteem, stress, relationship struggles, and grief

If you are currently subscribed to Psychiatry and are interested in Talk Therapy (or vice versa), reach out to hello@moodhealth.com. We’ll be glad to help get you started.

Yes, you sure can! We accept insurance for select major commercial health plans, and we are constantly working to expand our in-network insurance partnerships.

You’ll be able to check your coverage during the sign up process.