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Elizabeth uses Mood with insurance

Mood member Elizabeth describes what it’s like to be on the Mood plan while covered by insurance.

So I’m Elizabeth. I live in Los Angeles.

Anyone who struggles with their mental health knows that continuation of having your medication is key to staying stable.

My current insurance, they only give us a certain number of visits. I was just going to have to keep finding new psychiatrists through my new insurance It’s such a hard process to navigate. 

I’ve been working with Mood…I want to say for a little over a year now. 

So Mood has helped me to not have to like, stress about things like where am I going to find my new psychiatrist? How am I going to go through this process with my new insurance?

My doctor…she is really, really sweet and, you know, just really open to listening to my suggestions. There were a couple of times that I was like, oh, I’ve tried this medication before. And it really worked for me. And she was just really open to that open to like my feelings on what I wanted to take. Pretty hard to find. So it’s been a really good partnership. 

“Mood has helped me not to have stress about where I’m going to find my new psychiatrist? How am I going to go through the process with my insurance?”

It’s a great feeling knowing that it’s okay to get help. It’s normal. A lot of people need help. Something extra. It’s not shameful despite what we’ve been taught in our society. There really are things out there to help, and people who actually care and are really good at their jobs andare here to support.

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